Am Dienstag machten alle Englischkurse der Q 12 eine Exkursion ins Casino nach Aschaffenburg, um dort An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power im englischen Original zu sehen. Zehn Jahre nach dem mit einem Oscar ausgezeichneten Dokumentarfilm An Inconvenient Truth ...

... kam in den USA letztes Jahr der zweite Teil heraus. Al Gore spricht inzwischen von einer "Klimakrise", die uns alle aufrütteln und zum Handeln bewegen sollte. Hier einige Beispiele von Reaktionen von Schülerinnen und Schülern auf den Film in der Nachbetrachtung im Unterricht:

- awakening and touching

- More interesting than anticipated: movie shows the consequences of climate change in a capturing way

- I wouldn't have expected the film to be that good. The scene in which a young man affected by a horrible flood talked about his experiences really touched me.

- I was shocked when I saw the pictures of the melting glaciers

- Amazing and fascinating pictures, but scary, too.

- The use of strong pictures effectively depict the consequences of climate change: melting glaciers, huge pieces of ice falling into the ocean are both breathtaking and shocking. I am sure this movie will convince people who still don't believe that climate change is real

- I was shocked to see how immense the consequences of global warming are, for example the floods caused by melting ice-sheets

- I was shocked by the lack of respect some politicians seem to have. It's kind of strange, because this planet is their home, too. I'm convinced that this movie will change the way people think about global warming.

- I'm frustrated and disappointed by the 'misleadership' of Donald Trump and the Indian Prime Minister. In my opinion it's hideous to deny climate change and the signs mother nature is sending us.

- The fact that climate change affects us in so many different ways shocked me

- Visually impressive, which made its important message far more relatable and easier to understand

- The film is important to raise awareness on the topic of climate change, the most urgent problem of our modern world. I liked the film a lot because it's something different to all these stupid action movies and it has a deeper message.

- Really emotional. It focused on climate change and how we can change the situation. Most solutions were about renewable energies

- Although it being a bit of a propaganda film, I believe this is exactly the kind of movie many of those who deny climate change need to see

- The Paris Agreement might have been a step forward, Trump's withdrawal a step backwards, though.

- Whenever you want people to change something, your examples need to be drastic and your story has to be unique. This movie is all this and even more: it combines autobiography with shocking facts, recent developments and a lot of emotion

- Even if the material shown might have been chosen because of its visual impressiveness and is therefore slightly exaggerated, climate change deniers have to be incredibly dense to avert their eyes from the given evidence

- The film was much less a documentary than an advertisement. An advertisement for a decent cause, but nonetheless an advertisement (…) The movie is much more about al Gore than about anything else, but if that leads to a greater interest in climate change, I can swallow that. If Al Gore recognized that and uses his celebrity status to convey the message, I would be willing to grant this movie its legitimacy.

- Denial is one of the most iconic human traits - we all felt it when we were little: when something terrible, such as the death of a person close to us, just "can't be true". But at some point we had to grow up. Now the world has to grow up!


Bild: Al Gore in An Inconvenient Sequel. Paramount Pictures